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1950 Talbot Lago Record Converitble 60th Anniversary Limited Edition (1/24) (fs) Delahaye 135 (1/24) (fs)
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1950 Talbot Lago Record Converitble 60th Anniversary Limited Edition (1/24) (fs) Delahaye 135 (1/24) (fs)
The Talbot Lago-Record Type T26 was a large, six-cylinder executive car launched by the French Talbot company in 1946. In the context of the company's protracted financial collapse, the last T26s were probably those produced during 1953.

Steel-bodied four- and two-door sedans and coupes were offered. Numerous coach builders also offered bespoke bodies for the car, although in the economically constrained conditions of the time, relatively few were built.

There was also a shortened sports version known as the Talbot Lago-Grand Sport Type T26.
Delahaye 135 (1/24) (fs)
1961 Jaguar Type E Cabriolet (1/24) (fs) Citroen Fourgon Type H Panel Van (1/24) (fs)
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1961 Jaguar Type E Cabriolet (1/24) (fs) Citroen Fourgon Type H Panel Van (1/24) (fs)
Upon its release in 1961 at the Geneva Motor Show, the Jaguar E-Type was the world's fastest production car at 250 km/hr or 155 mph. The car was powered by a six cylinder engine and was first available as a 2-seat Sedan or Convertible. The "Series One" was characterized by glass-covered headlights, half bumpers and an aircraft-style dashboard. This wonderful Heller kit was brand new in 1978 and debuted to rave reviews. This is the 2015 reissue and is already getting hard to find. We have very limited supply.

Heller is well know by seasoned exotic car modelers. Based in France, Heller kits are known for their authenticity and quality. This kit features a detailed engine and chassis, as well as a perfectly appointed interior. The front bonnet opens to reveal the engine compartment with the wonderful 6 cylinder. The kit includes a detailed illustrated instruction booklet and decals. Parts are molded in color and clear with chrome plated parts and realistic black vinyl tires. The kit has about 85 pieces.
Citroen Fourgon Type H Panel Van (1/24) (fs)

This is a motor truck for loading of goods 1200 kg in a volume of 7.3 m3. It was designed by Pierre Franchiset to whom it is named, the "H" for it is the eighth such project developed by Citroën, the H is the eighth letter of the alphabet. Its design is basic and it takes many other vehicles of the brand elements: engine and gearbox of the Traction, driving, meter, wiper 2CV. He was introduced to the public in 1947 and received different engine (1600 cm3, 1900cm3, 16cv, 11HP) during his long career (34 years), in which more than 473,000 copies were produced. Depending on the load and its body, trade name changing, H (1200 kg payload) HZ (850 kg - 1000 kg), HY (1500 kg and 1600 kg, 1966), HP (plateau), HX (Refrigerated shelf) or HW (bodybuilder tray). The last copy left the assembly line in December 1981 (S.No. 473289).
Massey Ferguson TE-20 "Petit Gris" Tractor (1/24) (fs) Massey Ferguson 2680 Tractor (1/24) (fs)
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Massey Ferguson TE-20 "Petit Gris" Tractor (1/24) (fs) Massey Ferguson 2680 Tractor (1/24) (fs) <br><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">Back in Stock</span>
"The Garden Snail"

Born from the pre-war gentleman's agreement between Harry Ferguson and Henry Ford that would lead to America's iconic Ford 8N tractor, the equally iconic and very similar Ferguson TE20 would help rebuild war-torn Europe in the 40's and 50's and many were exported to the US, Canada, and all over the British Commonwealth. In France it was affectionately known as "Petit Gris" (Garden Snail). To be more precise, "
The French description 'Petit Gris' purely means 'Little Grey', not 'garden snail', as in Britain they were known as the 'Little Grey Fergie'. It also, strictly speaking, isn't a 'Massey Ferguson', Massey didn't join forces with Ferguson until early 1950's" We thank our friend in the UK, Mat Irvine, for the clarifications.

The growing trend towards winter cereals has made autumn a peak period. Seedings should be prepared more quickly. Operating conditions are difficult. Hence the need for more and more powerful tractors, more and more reliable, simplified everyday use, and equipped with essential comfort for long working days. It is to meet this need that Massey Ferguson designed and developed in the late seventies, in France, in the varied and often difficult farming conditions, the tractors of the 2000 series.
The improvements in hydraulics and the choice of the four-wheel-drive system have seen the development of advanced and increasingly robust machines, power wheels, PTO, lifting, allowing to use all modern instruments and machines.
The MF 2680 Turbo with 125 hp DIN 4WD is a versatile tool whose overall design reduces and simplifies parts maintenance or replacement. Finally, the cabin integrated steering wheel adjustable in height and inclination is equipped with heating and air conditioning. All controls are arranged to be easy to use.
Citroen 5HP Trefle (1/24) (fs) Citroen DS19 4-Door Car (1/16) (fs)
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Our Price: $84.90
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Citroen 5HP Trefle (1/24) (fs) Citroen DS19 4-Door Car (1/16) (fs)<br><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">Just Arrived</span>
Citroen 5HP Trefle (1/24) (fs)

Made in France.
Citroen DS19 4-Door Car (1/16) (fs)

Management at Citroën believed that the standard of living of the French and of Europeans was on the rise. The 2 C.V. had just been successfully launched on the market and a successor had to be found for the 15 and 11 C.V. The VGD project (Large Series Car), the first designs of which dated back to 1945, began to take shape. André LEFEBVRE who is appointed manager of the project decides the car should be innovative throughout. The body was the art of Flaminio Bertoni and the suspension that of Paul Magès. As for the engine, Paul Bercot updated the design of the old 1911 cc D engine. At the end of 1954, the project is completed. In October 1955, the car made its debut at the 42nd Paris Motor Show. Most surprising about the car were its lines. The design was totally new. France was divided into two groups: those who liked it and those who didn't. But the bodywork was not the only novel feature. Hydropneumatic suspension brought unrivaled confort with four wheel independent suspension. Plastic became an important element in the body work, the roof panel and rear window as well as the light alloys for the bonnet making use of plastic. There were also other new features: a single spoke steering wheel, tapered turn signals and doors without window frames.
1961 Citroen DS19 Cabriolet (1/16) (fs) La Légende Ferguson TE-20 "Petit Gris" & FF-30 "Ventre Rouge" 60th Anniversary Limited Combination Kit (1/24) (fs)
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Our Price: $84.90
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1961 Citroen DS19 Cabriolet (1/16) (fs) La Légende Ferguson  TE-20 "Petit Gris" & FF-30 "Ventre Rouge" 60th Anniversary Limited Combination Kit (1/24) (fs)
Limited kit combination with two Tractor kits in the scale 1:24

Harry Ferguson was born 1884 in Ireland. He was fond of automobiles and aeroplanes and became the first Irishman to fly in 1909. Later he founded a company selling cars and tractors. In 1916 he invented the Ferguson System, a 3-point linkage designed to attach ploughs to tractors that is the norm nowadays. He panteted an improved version of it in 1936. Then he started building tractors, first on his own, then from 1939 in partnership with Henry Ford. Over 300.000 Ford-Fergusons were sold until 1947. The TE-20, nicknamed Little Grey Fergie, was launched in 1946 and built in Coventry by the Standard Motor Co ( which had owned Triumph since 1945 ). More than 500.000 units, both petrol and Diesel, were built until 1956. Coventry-built TE-20s were imported in France from 1946 and were successful enough to justify a joint-venture between Standard and Hotchkiss 1953. TE-20s would be assembled in the Saint-Denis factory, mostly from imported British parts. The share of French-built parts increased until reaching 100% in 1957 when the TE-20 became the FF-30. The FF-30 was a TE-20 with minor differences ( seat shape, battery location, red-painted engine and chassis ) and was produced until 1958. Some 50.000 tractors were built in Saint-Denis.
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