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RMX-4193 1957 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon (1/25) $19.90

Many of you have requested information on new kits that have been announced. For your convenience, we have decided to post highlights of that information here at the top of the Model Car News Section. We begin accepting pre- orders when the kits have a firm release date typically 30-90 days prior to the kits actual release. Please check the "Coming Soon" link in the left sidebar to see If a kit is available for pre-order. The dates here are only estimates. Delays are possible. To make sure you never miss a new release, be sure to sign up for our Newsletter. The link is near the bottom of the left side bar on every page of our web site. Please note that pre-orders bill in advance, and we suggest that you order pre-order items separately from in stock items.

New Kits from Revell-Monogram

Just Arrived and Coming Soon!

RMX-4377 1967 NicKey Camaro RS/SS 427 (1/25) (1/25) $20.90 Order Now

RMX-1987 2017 Ford GT "SnapTite" (1/25) $12.90 Order Now

RMX-4317 1983 Hurst Oldsmobile (1/25) $22.50 Order Now

RMX-4376 1991 Ford F-350 Dually (1/24) $22.50 Order Now

RMX-4314 1/25 1969 Chevy Camaro Yenko (1/25) $22.50 (June, 2016) Order Now

RMX-7324 1/12 Custom Chopper Set (1/12) $20.90 (June, 2016) Order Now

RMX-1474 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Nationwide Chevy SS #88 (1/24) $20.90 (July-2016)

RMX-1475 Jimmy Johnson Lowe's Chevy SS #48 (1/24) $20.90 (July-2016)

RMX-1735 The Baron $15.90 (July -2016)

RMX-4318 1948 Ford Police Coupe (2 'n 1) (1/25) $22.50 (July-2016)

RMX-4326 1930 Ford Model A Five-Window Coupe (2 'n 1) (1/25) $22.50 (July-2016)

RMX-4372 1980 Dodge Ramcharger Sport SUV (2 'n 1) (1/24) $20.90 (Aug-2016)

RMX-4396 1957 Ford Wagon Gasser (1/25) $22.50 (Aug-2016)

RMX-4423 1969 Chevy "Yenko" Nova (1/25) $20.90 (Aug-2016)

RMX-4304 Corvette C7-R (2 'n 1) (1/25) $20.90 (TBA-2016)

RMX-4319 Fast and Furious 1970 Dodge Charger (1/25) $22.50 (TBA-2016)

RMX-4419 1958 Chevy Impala (1/25) $21.90 (TBA-2016)

RMX-2453 Beer Wagon Show Rod (1/24) $19.90 (TBA-2016)

New Kits from AMT, MPC and Polar Lights
Just Arrived and Coming Soon!

AMT-R2-990 '65 Pontiac "Grand Slam" Grand Prix (1/25) $23.90 (Jun-2016) Order Now

AMT-R2-992 "Der Beetle Bus" VW Van Show Rod (1/25) $25.50 (Jun-2016) Order Now

PL-R2-PP-014 Motorcycle Parts Pack Double Dirt Bikes (1/25) $12.90 (Jun-2016) Order Now

MPC-R2-845 '79 Pinto Wagon "Pony Express (1/25) $24.90 (Jun-2016) Order Now

MPC-R2 842 '75 Corvette Convertible 93 'n 1) (1/25) $23.50 (Jun-2016) Order Now

AMT-R2-930 Tyrone Malone Kenworth Super Boss Drag Truck (1/25) (Jul-2016) $36.90

AMT-R2-1002 1929 Ford Model 'A' Roadster (1/25) (Jul-2016) $26.90

New Kits from Moebius Models
Just Arrived and Coming Soon!

Moebius-1229 '65 Plymouth "Melrose Missile" Hemi Super Stock (1/25) $28.90 Order Now

Moebius-1210 '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone $25.90 (TBA)

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