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Key to Abbreviations

(New!) in red - this indicates a kit or item that has just been listed.  This marker remains on the product listing for 2 weeks and is intended to help our regular visitors identify recently listed items.  This marker does not necessarily mean a kit is newly manufactured.

(fs) Factory Sealed - a kit that is still sealed in the manufacturer's outer shrink wrap.

(rs) This kit has been inspected and professionally resealed on the outside to keep the contents in tact.  It looks like a factory sealed kit.

(si) Sealed Inside - a kit that has been opened, but is still sealed inside in the manufacturers parts bags

(fb) or f/b Fair Box - box either has dents and scratches or more than normal shelf wear.

(oc) Open Complete - a kit that has been opened, but has been inspected and is still complete

(ptib) This is an older abbreviation we used to indicate an (oc) kit with about 90% of the parts still on trees in the box.

(pib) This is also an older abbreviation we used to indicate an (oc) kit with most parts lose in the box.

(mis) Indicates a missing part.  For example, '(mis. 1 of four custom headlight lenses)'

(c.) or c. Indicates the year a kit was released.

(SSP) Revell Selected Subjects Program - a program Revell started in the 1990's for special limited retro-vintage reissues of popular kits.

(BC) Buyer's Choice - Similar to SSP, but by AMT including limited reissues of vintage AMT and MPC kits.
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