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Model Roundup

"It's ok to go back to your tree fort!"

Model Roundup On-Line is the internet component of Model Roundup specializing in plastic model car and truck kits and related accessories. Model Roundup emphasizes out of production and limited production kits including rare kits. In addition, Model Roundup offers kits in current production at discounted prices, usually about 30% off of retail. The Model Roundup Web Site is organized into categories and by manufacturers for your convenience. Our search facility is fairly robust. If your first search does not yield the results you want, be sure to click the extensive search function which appears after your initial search. We are a full-time mail-order business and do not have a retail storefront.

Founded in 1994, Model Roundup has earned the status of a first tier automotive model kit supplier. Having earned the loyalty of customers in all 50 states and every continent, we ship weekly to Canada, South America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa and all points in between. We also have enjoyed a fair amount of national recognition since the beginning. Model Car Journal wrote the following about one of our catalogs.... "the Fall 1994 Model Roundup Catalog is laced with a bit of what this hobby needs more of -- humor." More recently, International Plastic Modeler's Journal wrote, "If you are into Automobilia and have not heard of Model Roundup, you must be living under a rock. This is essential stuff for the builder and collector." (IPMS Journal Jan/Feb 1998.) We hope you enjoy our new "Next Generation Web Site" launched in 2010!

Our conviction at is that building model cars is more than just a fun hobby. It's not just about plastic, glue and paint. It's about '55 Chevys, Candy Apple Anglias, Richard Petty, George Barris, Ed Roth, Mopar's about Americana! It's about your first car and your first date. It's about Detroit as the style capital of the world. It starts with Model T's and it never ends. It includes Batman and Wolfman. It includes the Munsters and the Jupiter II. It includes any piece of culture that you choose to artistically replicate in scale.

The Model Roundup message is is this, "it's ok to go back in your tree Fort!". Capture your dreams, visualize your project and enjoy the doing not just the results. Your interests are shared by people of all ages and cultures around the globe. Please take a moment and enjoy the retro cues from a couple of our early catalogs.

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