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1962 Shelby Cobra 289 (1/25) (fs) VW Samba Bus T1 "Flower Power" (1/24) (fs) 1955 Chrysler 300 Stock Version (1/25) (fs) 1965 Shelby Cobra 427
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For over 20 years, our conviction at Model Roundup is that building
model cars and model car kits is more than just a fun hobby. It's not
just about plastic, glue and paint. It's about '55 Chevys, Candy Apple Anglias,
Richard Petty, George Barris, Ed Roth, Mopar's about
Americana! It's about your first car and your first date.
It's about Detroit as the style capital of the world. It starts
with Model T's and it never ends. It includes Batman and
Wolfman. It includes the Munsters and the Jupiter II. It
includes any piece of culture that you choose to artistically
replicate in scale.

We carry plastic model car kits from all the major manufacturers including, Revell plastic model car kits, and AMT plastic model car kits and MPC plastic model car kits. We also carry model kits from and Monogram, Johan, Revell of Germany, Tamiya, Hasagawa, and Moebius. While we carry new model car kits, we also specialize in out of production model kits, and hard to find vintage model kits.

We sell plastic Model kits in the following categories including stock and pro-Street model kits, race car model kits including NASCAR model kits, Top Fuel, Pro-Stock and Funny Car model kits, Indy and Formula One model car kits, Sprint Car kits and Oval Racing Model Car kits. The line continues with Specialty and Show Car models including kits from popular designers such as Ed Roth, Tom Daniel, and George Barris. Finally, we have a large selection of plastic model truck kits including pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles as well as Big Rig semi tractors and trailers.

We also carry a fine assortment of aftermarket items related to modeling including detailing parts, paints chroming foils and decals from manufacturers such as Bare Metal Foil, Model Car Garage, Testors, Model Master, Preston's Car Parts, and Plastic Performance Parts

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