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1971 Dodge Colt (Mitsubishi Galant) GTO-MR (1/24) (fs)
1971 Dodge Colt (Mitsubishi Galant) GTO-MR  (1/24) (fs)
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The Colt Galant, which first went on sale in December of 1969, was the first in Mitsubishi's "Galant" series. The new style of car was designed to meet the needs of a new era in Japan's car culture, which saw a rapid increase in the country's highway infrastructure as well as a new emphasis on leisure and recreation activities in Japanese people's lives. With the "Galant", Mitsubishi's designers sought to create a car that would be "more luxurious". Building upon the basic layout of the Colt Galant, Mitsubishi ventured into the high-end specialty car market with a new offering, the Galant Coupe GTX-1. With its unique long-nosed, short-decked, sporty styling, the GTX-1 made quite a splash when it debuted at the 1969 Tokyo Motor Show. Following its success, research and development continued on the design, finally resulting in a mass-marketed model, named the Colt Galant GTO, which went on sale in November 1970.

Aerodynamically designed both to reduce air resistance and to increase vehicle stability at high speeds, the Colt Galant GTO was harmonious matching of sleek beauty and function, and it's duck tail and sloping 50-inch side windows were highly innovative for Japanese car design of the era. The roomy, designs of the time, which had a reputation for being cramped, and it featured an aircraft cockpit style rounded instrument panel. The features have maintained the GTO's popularity to this day.

In December 1970, the GTO-MR went on sale, powered by Mitsubishi's first mass-produced DOHC engine. This new power plant, the Saturn AIII, was the result of a redesign of the featured Solex twin carburetor, a Mitsubishi 5-speed transmission with over-top speed gear, and torqued rod-mounted rear suspension. It's 200 km top speed made it the fastest production model of the time. Power attested to by the air scoop on the car's hood. With its power and high performance, the GTO-MR was the top of the GTO line.
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